Workshop on Immersive Experiences

Focused on Immersive spaces, Creativity with VR technology, 360 Capture and live stitching, the Workshop was divided into two sections with day one and two being an amazing journey into different stories all about Virtual Reality, including: Eric Joris (CREW), among the avant garde of immersive content creation for over 15 years, gave active guidance in how to create immersive contents; Vincent Jacobs (iMinds) showed how to work on custom 360 camera rigs, stitching software and tools for immersive content creation; Oliver Grau, leading Intel’S effort in the Intel Visual Computing Institute, gave some insights on Intel’s Realsense Technology and report on some on­set tools developed as part of the Dreamspace project and how they can be used for immersive projects; Volker Helzle and Simon Spielmann (Filmakademie R&D) introduced VPET, a tool for Virtual (Reality) Production. This included a short history of early approaches using VR & AR HMDs and future endeavors; Andrew Daffy (Daffy), Marc Zimmermann (Epicscapes) and Benjamin Rudolf (Nauhau).

Day two was a 24h VR Hackathon, where the student teams realised their Virtual Reality experiences supported by lecturers.

The workshop also offered feedback on Dreamspace technology from early adopter, students and experienced professionals.