Location Capture Location Capture for Virtual Backlot and VR Experience

This production highlights the interchangeability of a Virtual Backlot procedure in a “staged” Documentary about a film with ever changing requirements to the background of the setting.

Stargate has used the iMinds rig in various tests and compared the results with other state-of-the-art technologies both camera rigs as well as stitching solution. The hardware component of the prototype works nearly flawlessly and is scalable by design, while the software component of the stitching (with the LIDAR unit) does work with several restrictions. The price range of the LIDAR unit is pretty high: a unit has been chosen, which only gives a small field of view for the calculations - therefore the software stitching is restricted to these small amounts of “depth-window”.

The hardware component delivers robust service for online streaming of “naively” stitched content and is flexible in its setup of cameras and perspectives. In several field trials in 2015 and 2016 the system could be used in hands-on-experiences.

The prototype, being an expensive and good functioning entity, was already used in several commercial projects by iMinds.