'Immerse' Workshop

Location: CREW, Brussels; Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (FAAI)

An interdisciplinary workshop with Theatrical Directors, Interactive Media and Animation Artists, Actors and Technical Director Students. In this two day workshop we will take a look at existing concepts and technologies to create immersive experiences. Eric Joris, Artisitic Director of CREW in Belgium, and Vicky Vermoezen will give an overview of past and present projects followed by a hands-on experience of the C.A.P.E System. Spectators will be immersed in various situations ranging from a virtual city tour in Brussels to the post-apocalyptic city of Tohoku past the Tsunami disaster. We will also have an opportunity to experience the fully computer generated 360° movie 'Sonar' created by Philipp Maas, Filmakademie Animation student of the 3rd year. Subsequent the practical experiences we would like to launch a general discussion on possibilities of such and upcoming technologies for immersive experiences in Theatre, Animation, Interactive Media and VFX. In which ways would it be meaningful to blur the boundaries between real and virtual spaces? Students will then work in smaller groups on concepts that they will present two weeks later.