"The most transformative piece was the unceremoniously named C.A.P.E., produced by Eric Joris (CREW). Rather than being safely seated, C.A.P.E. required you to actively participate by walking around in the real world at the same time as you are traveling through a virtual cityscape." Christian Greuel (Chair of VR Panel Sessions at SIGGRAPH2015)

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Dreamspace exciting contributions at SIGGRAPH:

Tuesday, 11th August: A live demo on lighting estimation and editing tools in the Dreamspace Project was presented at the Exhibition on the Intel booth #701

Tuesday, 11th August: C.a.p.e. (Computer Assisted Personal Environment) (Eric Joris, Koen Goossens, and Vicky Vermoezen, CREW_EricJoris) – C.a.p.e. is a configuration, which has been developed by CREW, EDM/UHasselt and Dreamspace. Unlike sitting VR applications, CREW’s work delivers AltR (Alternative Reality) which is anchored in the physical: by moving and walking the ‘immersant’ experiences the virtual world from within his own body. Nomadic VR
VR Village

Wednesday, 12th and Thursday 13th: Let There Be Light: On-Set Light Capture and Rendering for Virtual Production in the Dreamspace Project
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Thursday, 13th August: 'DOME TALK' by Eric Joris