IBC 2016

The Dreamspace IBC paper has been chosen to be among IBC 2016’s top 8 papers. Congratulations! The top 8 papers were printed in a special professional journal entitled ‘The Best of IET and IBC 2016-17’. This was launched at a drinks reception on Friday in the Future Zone!!

Read the Dreamspace paper here:

IBC2016_Dreamspace.pdf (Adobe PDF - 17.27Mb)

The Dreamspace booth #8.F05 in the IBC Future Zone, located in HALL 8 showcased key technology components for the project as well as results from the experimental productions and performances that have been conducted in the project.
The booth provided the following technical demonstrators:
- Live compositing without green-screen: real-time depth capture to combine live-action and CG elements for a tracked film camera, connected to post-production compositing pipelines running in real-time on a large screen.
- Collaborative on-set tools: intuitive tools providing control of the layout, light and animation in the virtual environment. A number of tablet based tools will be available for visitors to control the live composite for the film camera.
- Light capture: a hand held tool that provides a simple interface to capture the parameters of a physical lighting environment to harmonise real and virtual lights in live compositing.
- Rendering: a scalable ray-trace rendering for real-time global illumination in live visualisation.
- Immersive spaces: a separate demonstrator showing an interactive and immersive view of a virtual set

In addition, a number of 'Making of' videos showed the experimental productions and performing art pieces featuring the Dreamspace technology.

The Dreamspace project was also be presented by Oliver Grau, IVCI director of operations, Intel Germany in the Paper Session: Novel Ideas and Cutting Edge Technologies