For over a decade CVMP has built a reputation as the prime venue for researchers to meet with practitioners in the Creative Industries.

The Dreamspace Project develops new tools for creative professionals to combine live performances and computer-generated imagery in real-time and collaborate to create imaginative entertainment and experiences.

At CVMP 2015, Dreamspace showcased new techniques to create immersive spaces in which a participant is placed inside a photo-real environment, creating a true holographic experience without the need for a head-mounted display.

The Demo combines virtual production technologies for live compositing and editing with multi-camera environment capture to provide a view-dependent display wall connected to tablets to create a space in which the participant can edit and modify the experience in real-time.

On Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th November during breaks and evening networking and drinks, the visitors experienced the Demo first hand, visiting our installation in the Blue Room at the BFI SouthBank.

Project Dreamspace was also discussed in the talk by Oliver Grau, Intel and Simon Spielmann, Filmakademie on Camdroid, a short film created with innovative visual effects production tools and aimed at a more intuitive human-computer interaction for virtual production scenarios.

Many of the CVMP visitors also experienced C.a.p.e. by CREW, a very special immersive walk through Brussels, enhanced with subtle tactile interventions.