Here are the public deliverables for the DREAMSPACE project:


DREAMSPACE_YEAR3-Publishable-Summary.pdf (Adobe PDF - 54.82Mb)

Final Field Trial and User Evaluation Report

DREAMSPACE_D6.2.2.pdf (Adobe PDF - 29.80Mb)

Volker Helzle, Simon Spielmann, Thomas Knop, Eric Joris, Andreas Schuster, Marc Philipp Schmitz , Kai Götz, Farshad Einabadi

Final Prototype Dreamspace Tool Sets

D6.1.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 97.93Mb)

Jonathan Starck, Adam Cherbetji, Brice Michoud, Oliver Grau, Farshad Einabadi, Volker Helzle, Philipp Slusallek, Richard Membarth, Sammy Rogmans, Vincent Jacobs

Final Prototype Dreamspace Performance Environment

D6.1.4.pdf (Adobe PDF - 27.56Mb)

Vincent Jacobs

Real-time Rendering and Lighting Demonstrator

D4.1.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 5.85Mb)

by Arsène Pérard-Gayot, UdS; Georg Tamm, UdS; Richard Membarth

Prototype Compositing Pipeline to Support Production

D4.2.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 18.48Mb)

by J. Starck, G. Gales, A. Cherbetji, A. Purvis

Prototype Pipeline for Compositing with Depth

D4.3.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 11.85Mb)

by G. Gales, J. Starck

Multi-view fusion of depth and dynamic-range enhanced omnidirectional video

D4.4.1.pdf (Adobe PDF - 38.52Mb)

by S. Rogmans, P. Goorts

A prototype for online set, animation and lighting editing

D5.1.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 12.89Mb)

by Farshad Einabadi, Carlos Fernandez de Tejada, Kai Götz, Oliver Grau, Volker Helzle, Harini Priyadarshini, Andreas Schuster, Simon Spielmann

Tools for creating holographic live performance and installation art

D5.2.2.pdf (Adobe PDF - 28.37Mb)

by Vincent Jacobs

Camdroid: Virtual Production Data

Camdroid.pdf (Adobe PDF - 203Kb) Virtual Production: data package

Project supervisors: Volker Helzle, Simon Spielmann, Katja Schmid, Simon Wiest

Camdroid's CamBot Mark 2: Leaked Confidential Video. The short film ‘Camdroid’ has been produced in a virtual production environment, applying a custom 3D user interface, which consisted of an Oculus Rift head-mounted display and a Leap Motion gesture-recognition controller

Implementation of Selected Modules for Real-Time Ray Tracing and Advanced Lightning Simulation

DREAMSPACE_D4.1.2_V2_221015.pdf (Adobe PDF - 4.21Mb)

by Arsène Pérard-Gayot, UdS; Richard Membarth, DFKI

Depth- and dynamic-range enhanced omnidirectional capture system for dynamic locations

DREAMSPACE_D3.2.1.pdf (Adobe PDF - 74.02Mb)

by P. Goorts, S. Maesen, S. Rogmans, P. Bekaert; iMinds

Initial Dissemintation & Exploitation Plan

DREAMSPACE_D722_v1.3_230915.pdf (Adobe PDF - 41.53Mb)

by Abi Bowman, The Foundry

Framework for synchronized near-time 2D operation graphs

DREAMSPACE-D4.2.2_v1.3_300915.pdf (Adobe PDF - 5.30Mb)

by Alan Purvis, Jonathan Starck, The Foundry

Virtual Production Experiment Results

DREAMSPACE_D2.3.2_V2_201015.pdf (Adobe PDF - 42.03Mb)

by Volker Helzle & Simon Spielmann, Filmakademie

Specification and description of tools for holographic live performance and installation art

DREAMSPACE_D5.2.1_20150706-PhB.pdf (Adobe PDF - 5.64Mb)

by Philippe Bekaert, iMinds

Report on DREAMSPACE FMX2015 workshop

D7.1.3_V1.2_300615.pdf (Adobe PDF - 48.55Mb)

by Volker Helzle, Filmakademie

See above for the video that accompanies this deliverable.

Draft Specification and Interface description of Virtual Production Editing Tools

DREAMSPACE_D5.1.1_v2.1_060215.pdf (Adobe PDF - 12.46Mb)

by Volker Helzle & Simon Spielmann, Filmakademie

A specification that defines the scope of the Virtual Production Editing Tools and their interfaces based on the general scenarios and use cases defined in WP2.

Virtual Production Methods, Guidelines and Scenarios

Dreamspace_D2.1.1_v04_030414.pdf (Adobe PDF - 26.08Mb)

by Thomas Knopp, Stargate Germany

Report setting out the current state of the art in Virtual Production, indications of user roles and requirements, use cases and scenarios for experimental

Algorithms for Real-Time Ray Tracing and Lighting Simulation

DREAMSPACE_D4.1.1_Approaches_v1.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 857Kb)

by Philipp Slusallek, UdS

This deliverable gives an overview of real-time ray tracing and lighting simulation algorithms.

Short Range Depth Maps

Dreamspace_D312_v2_ShortRangeDepthMaps_180116.pdf (Adobe PDF - 18.39Mb)

by Sam Boivin, ncam

This deliverable gives overview of the first technology prototype using short-range depth
maps for live keying of real and virtual elements in unconstrained environments.

ncam demonstrated their work for D3.1.2 at FMX 2015.

D3.1.2 FMXncamdemo V1 from DREAMSPACE on Vimeo.