Creative Virtual Productions

The creative partners CREW, Filmakademie and Stargate define the creative and technical requirements in Dreamspace by developing scenarios and conducting a series of experimental productions that use prototypes as they evolve in the project. This provides direct feedback to guide research and development.

Filmakademie ran a series of student productions to experiment with new technologies as they become available in the project and to test different concepts to provide feedback on the state-of-the-art and to explore new ideas. This has ensured the technical developments have focused on real-world applications and that there has been the opportunity to test real-world outcomes as the project progressed.

This production is a documentary about the glorious history of a group of men who are using airplanes to write messages in the sky.
The virtual shooting, as part of the “Skywriter” production,
were used to achieve the framing and directing
of a virtual camera and find the best close ups as well
wide and fast distance shots.
Those shots couldn't be produced in a real environment and therefore the decision
was made to work virtual.
This production tested workflow and integration of LiveView, Ncam and VPET, real-time visualization

Filmakademie students of the third year create trailers for the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).
The VFX project ‘Elemental’ make use of live dance performances and combines them with digital effects like water, fire and smoke.
This production was used to evaluate the latest Version of ncam
Final Track(D3.1.1). The ambition was to provide solid understanding
of the improvement that Final Track can provide compared to
the live tracking.
It was also important to learn more about calculation times and pipeline requirements.
This production tested camera tracking accuracy in RT, usability.

On Your Way
"On your way" was another diploma project at the Filmakademie with high potential to address many aspects of Dreamspace.
The project is in the conceptual state (2016/2017)
and the story is about the fast life between start and end.
A person is falling a long way and with him things, parts and other persons.
This production tested camera tracking accuracy,
light matching accuracy, onset editing functionality, matte extraction quality


This production highlighted the interchangeability of a Virtual Backlot procedure in a “staged” Documentary about a film with ever changing requirements to the background of the setting.
This production tested ODV capturing and stitching, quality of data, over all usability

CREW set out to explore the creative questions in constructing truly immersive spaces that connect the viewer to a virtual environment and create a true sense of immersion and embodiment. The goal within Dreamspace was to explore the cross-fertilization between installation / performing arts and conventional TV / film productions where the challenge is the same - how to enhance creativity and experimentation with simple, intuitive and accessible tools.

Celestial Bodies
A guide (present in real and virtual world) takes multiple spectators through a virtual space
This had different solar systems, at different levels of immersion: HMD, tracked tablet, projection.
This performance tested the use of Virtual Production tools in arts and education. The effectiveness of immersion and embodiment in the content. The requirements for the authoring tools in creating the content

EXPLORER / Prometheus unchained / Absence
This stages Virtual Production itself as a live theatrical performance with augmented objects and actors. The concept is to try to "edit reality" as part of a live performance
This performance tested the requirements to author and design a performance combining virtual and live elements. Virtual production techniques with non technical users: actors, directors, musicians, designers. Collaboration as part of virtual productions and requirements for content creation tools

The Demonstrator / Pavilion
This explored the creation of a holographic display where an observer walks around a film environment
NOTE: the tests have all tested a projections for a partial environment rather than a complete “tunnel”
This was originally planned for SIGGRAPH 2016, it was first showcased at CVMP 2015, and is in preparation for Buchmesse Frankfurt 2016.
This performance tested LiveView and film centric pipelines for immersive installation environments. The effectiveness of immersion in a filmed and hybrid “mixed reality” space

Filmakademie Workshop On Immersive Experiences
This explored the cross-over between film and performance art – the lessons learnt in creating immersive experiences and how that can be applied in film making. The target here was to foster cross-fertilization