iMinds, known until very recently as IBBT, was founded in 2004 by the Flemish government as an independent research institute to stimulate ICT innovation. It is an internationally recognised multidisciplinary research centre (looking at technological, legal, business and sociological aspects) and enables accelerated development and exploitation of new ICT products and services in strategic sectors in Flanders (Belgium). iMinds unites over 600 researchers hosted from various Flemish universities and knowledge centres. The Dreamspace project research will be carried out by researchers at the visual computing group of the Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM) in Diepenbeek. The EDM is a lab of Hasselt University hosting about 60 PhD level and post-doc researchers and staff, part of whom are financed by iMinds. EDM focuses on human computer interaction and visual computing. The visual computing group of iMinds-EDM started as an independent and dedicated computer graphics group in 1987 and is headed by Professor Frank Van Reeth and Professor Philippe Bekaert. Traditional CG modelling, rendering and animation are core expertise topics; more recently, research has shifted towards image and video based computer graphics.