Stargate Germany GmbH is an independent services provider, based at Berlin and Cologne,founded in 2011 in Germany. Stargate Studios is an award-winning international specialist for virtual production and visual effects, founded in the USA in 1989 by cinematographer and visual effects supervisor Sam Nicholson, ASC.

Stargate Studios offers services from concept to post-production in the field of visual effects for film, television, and advertising. Over the years, Stargate has developed and refined a diverse array of proprietary production tools, personnel and capabilities including live action film and HD production, the Virtual Backlot, VB Live compositing, CGI, digital compositing, matte painting and on-line HD editing services. The Virtual Backlot is a state-of-the-art low-cost alternative to shooting on location and offers establishing shots, multiple angle coverage, ‘walk & talks’ and driving. The Virtual Backlot Library includes hundreds of photo-real virtual environments from most major cities around the world. Each Stargate Studio operates a platform, called the ‘Visual Operating System,’ which allows employees and customers from anywhere in the world to communicate work, together or independently, around the clock.