Ncam Technologies Limited develops innovative virtual production technology and products for the film, television and broadcast industries.
Ncam was founded in 2011 out of a requirement for an affordable and effective real-time augmented reality solution for film, answering specific requirements and needs within virtual production.

Ncam offers a revolutionary system for previewing VFX work on set, through the camera in real-time. By locking CGI to any type of live action camera movement, Ncam allows camera operators, DPs and directors to ‘shoot the VFX’. Spontaneity, flexibility, and efficiency of VFX shoots are all greatly enhanced. Ncam works with all digital cameras and any type of handheld, steadicam, dolly or crane mounted motion and needs no tracking markers or set measurements. Spin-off benefits include recorded
temp VFX shots (post-vis) for the cutting room, along with per frame camera motion data, focal length, iris and focus metadata plus 3D point cloud generation for the VFX facility.